Winter is Coming for Your Trees

Winter is Coming for Your Trees

The winter season is approaching very quickly. Of course, we’re still getting some nice weather, but the Fall is pushing the cold front as of now. Before we know it, the cold weather will be upon us, and the possibility of snowstorms including ice and freezing temperatures rises. What does this have to do with the trees in your yard? If you have trees in your yard that are on their last limbs, the winter season could give you some problems. 

Snow and Ice Damage

If you have weak trees on your property, we advise you to have a professional like Brother Tree & Lawn come take a look at them. We have the capabilities to remove those dead or dying trees on your land. Heavy snow fall can weigh down branches, especially if they’re weak and broken. Ice can cause frost cracks on branches and the tree trunks damaging the tree’s health and life. 

Winter Storms

Winter storms can occur at random times during the season. They can be mild, but they also can be extremely dangerous for several reasons. Cold temperatures and snowstorms can give you problems related to your home, as well as your landscape. Your trees may have gone through plenty of winter seasons, but if they’re damaged or broken, they may not last much longer. If they fall, they can damage your house or yard. 

The Benefits of Removing Dying Trees Before They Get Worse

This is almost a no-brainer, but some people like to push the limit. It’s not always the best move, so if you’re weary your trees are in danger of causing damage to your home or yard due to the cold, winter season, it might be time to have them removed from your property before it’s too late. 

At Brother Tree & Lawnwe can help you remove dead or dying trees from your property safely and properly, so you don’t have to worry about possible dangers in the future. Contact Brother Tree & Lawn at 203-767-2915 today or visit us online for more information! 

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