Lawn Care Services

We Offer a full array of environmentally friendly lawn services throughout the 4 seasons, such as:

  • Early and Late Spring lawn fertilizer with crab grass control.
  • Summer and Late Summer lawn fertilizer with white grubs and/or weed control
  • Fall and Winter Fertilizer with weed control.
  • White Grub preventer is available as an additional service
  • Lime Ph Balancer to maintain grass health
  • Lawn Aeration for proper air circulation and to remove plugs of thatch from the soil.
  • Lawn Disease Control: Available year-round when necessary
  • Tick Control: Available year-round when necessary
  • Lawn Mowing & Blowing
  • Spring and Fall Clean-up
  • Leaf Removal During Spring and Fall
  • Mulching
  • Over Seeding: Repairing thin or bare areas on the lawn (Fall).
  • Deer Repellent: environmentally safe substance making deer ignore the scent of plants in your property.

Don’t spend huge amounts of time and money on maintenance only during the summer months, for harsh weather conditions of fall and winter may work against the process.

At Bother Tree we offer year-round lawn maintenance to Fairfield County and other Connecticut areas. Our company has carefully mapped out a simple schedule of the proper times to begin the cycle for fertilization process, weeding, pest control, etc. Click here to read our FAQ page.

Our property maintenance program ensures that all the correct measures are taken when caring for your yard. Please contact us for more information!

Serving Connecticut and all of Fairfield County included but not limited to Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Westport, Stamford, Wilton, Fairfield and Norwalk.

PLEASE CALL FOR AN ESTIMATE (203) 375-7866 OR TEXT 475-449-8675