Prepping Your Lawn for the Winter

Prepping Your Lawn for the Winter

Your lawn needs to be cared for during all seasons, which means in the winter, it’s important to maintain your lawn. Your lawn doesn’t need to be cared for as much as the other seasons, but you don’t want to ignore it completely. 

Here are some tips to maintain a healthy lawn during the winter: 

Fall and Winter Fertilizer w/Weed Control 

Winterizing the lawn can include fertilizing and aerating. Before the first frost, it’s vital for you to aerate the lawn. Aerating the lawn will give it a moment to breathe before it goes dormant in the cold winter months. After this process, you can then fertilize the lawn. We recommend hiring a professional like Brother Tree Lawn to help fertilize your lawn and make sure it’s prepared for the winter months. You will be preventing weeds, pests, and diseases from moving in once it warms up. 

Make Sure to Clean Up Leaves Before Snowfall

For your convenience in the spring seasons, it’s important to rake and get rid of all the leaves on your lawn before the winter season. If there is a good amount of snowfall in the winter, the leaves will be packed down underneath. When the spring season comes, your spring-cleaning yard tasks will become more stressful than ever. 

Brother Tree Lawn

At Brother Tree Lawnwe specialize in lawn care and landscaping. The winter season will bring cold weather and dormant lawns. Taking care of your property year-round is essential to the health of your yard. If you’re in need of any tree, lawn or landscaping care down to your property, please don’t hesitate to contact Brother Tree Lawn at 203-375-7866 today or visit us online for more information! 

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