Lawn Care FAQ

Do I need to do everything on my estimate?
You may not need to do everything, but these are the recommendations that we prescribed to improve the quality of your turf. Our landscape technician will help you determine which of the recommendations is most vital.

Why can’t I just do the work myself?
Our job goes beyond just the application of chemicals, but includes the diagnosis of problem areas and the expertise to minimize the use of technical materials.

When do you start?
We typically start the services in late March or early April but it’s never too late to begin.

Do I really need winter lawn service?
Yes. A winter application promotes an early spring green-up and deters re-germination of weeds.

How safe are your materials?
We use all eco friendly materials in the least amount possible to achieve the desired result.

How long should my kids/pets stay off the lawn after an application?
Typically one to two hours is sufficient.

How soon should I mow my lawn after an application?
It’s best to wait one day after the application and to leave lawn clippings behind.

When should I water my lawn and how often?
Depending upon weather conditions, two to three times per week is typically sufficient.

Why are there brown spots on my lawn?
This is tricky as it could be benign or something more severe like a lawn disease or insect problem. A lawn specialist will need to come out to determine the cause.

Should I be home for the services?
No! Unless we are instructed otherwise, our operator will complete his work and leave the billing at your door. We automatically schedule your next application in six to eight weeks.