Why Mulch Around Your Trees

Why Mulch Around Your Trees

Mulching around trees can be very beneficial to the health of your trees. Most people don’t realize the reason for mulching is not only to make it look nice. With fresh soil and an edged-out circle around the tree, mulch can add a beautiful topping that will enhance the look of your yard.

The Health Benefits

The combination of soil and mulch mix well together because the mulch will insulate the soil providing the perfect temperatures. Mulch also retains water extremely well, which can help the growth of new roots for a newly planted tree.

Here are some more benefits of mulching:

  • Keeps down weeds
  • Retains water for growth
  • Cooler temperatures in hot weather
  • Dresses up your yard

When is the Right Time to Mulch?

The best time to mulch is in the late spring season. For this reason, you’re giving the soil a chance to warm up a little bit before you start cleaning up and planting new flowers. Mulching too early in the season can slow down the warming process of the soil. Like we said above, mulch is meant to keep soil cooler in warmer temperatures.

Putting down too much mulch can be a problem for your soil. 1-2 inches of mulch or 3-4 inches is perfect depending on how new the flower bed or tree bed is. You never want to exceed that amount or else the mulch could end up suffocating your plants.

Brother Tree & Lawn Service

At Brother Tree & Lawn Service, we provide full-landscaping services for residential properties in Stratford, Connecticut. We are professionally trained in all of our services including mulching. If you need your landscaping done in the springtime, don’t hesitate to contact us at 203-375-7866 to let us get your mulching done the right way.

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