Benefits of Alternating Your Lawnmowing Patterns

Lawn MowerWhen it comes to mowing your lawn, it pays to mix things up rather than mowing in the same direction week after week. Today we’ll address a few of the benefits of using alternating lawnmowing patterns on your property.

Provide Breathing Room

You may not know it, but soil needs breathing room to support healthy grass growth. When you mow your lawn in the same pattern every time, it can impede grass growth by compacting the soil. Compacted soil squeezes water away from your lawn’s roots and cuts off oxygen flow. Mow in several different directions to nourish and aerate your lawn for a healthy appearance.

Encourage Vertical Growth

Grass is just like any other plant—you can “train” it to grow a certain way. When you constantly cut your grass in one direction, you’re effectively training it to grow horizontally. Not only is flattened grass unattractive, it can also obstruct water and air flow, damaging your lawn’s overall health.

Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut

Moving your lawnmower in the same patterns over and over can create ruts and dents in the soil, especially if it’s rained recently. Your lawnmower likely weighs 80-plus pounds. Putting all that weight on narrow tires in the same patterns over and over again is a recipe for lawn damage.

Want to make sure your lawn looks its very best all season long? The talented team at Brother Tree & Lawn would be happy to help. From mowing to pest and disease control, we offer a diverse array of services designed to promote healthy lawn growth. To learn more, feel free to give us a call or contact us online today!

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