Watch Out for Lawn Problems that Arise in the Spring

Watch Out for Lawn Problems that Arise in the Spring

Even though Spring has officially arrived on the calendar, the weather isn’t quite there just yet. Once the spring weather does roll around, your main priority is to make sure your lawn is healthy. The winter can do some damage to your lawn if you haven’t properly taken care of it in the past.

Even so, the spring season can bring some common diseases to your lawn, but don’t be alarmed. There are ways to make sure the lawn diseases or problems are fixed, so you can enjoy a healthy and fresh-looking lawn for the summer season.

Common Spring Lawn Diseases

There are a few spring lawn diseases that can give you issues. Here is what you should look out for:

Snow Mold – Snow mold is a fungus occurs when there is heavy snow that piles up over the unfrozen ground. If it doesn’t get cold enough to freeze the ground, but heavy snow falls, it can cause snow mold. Snow mold is either pink or gray and can be detected when snow starts to melt away in the spring. Brown patches may be more prominent, and the grass will be matted down and tangled.

Brown Patch – Brown patches can form on your lawn, and they’re rather easy to detect because of the brown color. This disease is actually pretty dangerous for your lawn because it will attack the roots and crown of the grass causing the lawn to die out.

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How to Prepare Your Lawn for the Spring Season

At Brother Tree Lawn, we specialize in lawn care in the state of Connecticut. We understand the whole landscape of lawn care and diseases that can affect your lawn. We can help you prepare your lawn for every season and make sure that it is looking its best all-year long.

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