How to Get Rid of Crab Grass in Your Lawn

How to Get Rid of Crab Grass in Your Lawn

Every homeowner knows that the healthier the lawn looks, the better their life is. Crab grass can be a real pain in the behind if you don’t try and take care of it. It seems to take over the yard when we ignore it. We want you to know how you can combat this problem and get your lawn looking healthy again.

Crabgrass weed control by Brother Tree & Lawn Service

Crab Grass Keeps Growing

Crab grass is a weed that continues to grow from spring through fall until the cold weather hits. It can be annoying because mowing the lawn won’t slow it down or kill it. It will keep growing flatter after you mow causing your lawn to look fairly ugly.

The goal is to keep the seeds from spreading. If you attack the problem right away by killing them, you won’t have to worry about them spreading and causing a nightmare for you. If there are any dead crab grass plants, remove them. If you have bare spots, plant new grass seeds for healthier lawn growth.

How to kill crab grass:

Hire a Professional Lawn Service

The best way to kill crab grass and get your lawn back to its normal look is to hire a professional landscaping and lawn service like Brother Tree & Lawn Service.  We can offer early and late Spring lawn fertilizer with crab grass control, so you don’t have to fret over removing the crab grass. We offer year-round lawn maintenance to help treat your lawncare needs.

Crab grass is the most annoying weed to control, which means it is recommended to give us a call for our services. Not only do we treat for crab grass, but we also treat everything that can affect the health of your lawn in Connecticut.

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We are a full-service tree and lawn service. If you need trees removed, weeds controlled, or just a simple lawn maintenance done, Brother Tree & Lawn Service can help you. Contact us today at 203-375-7866!

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