Protecting Your Trees This Summer from Diseases and Insects

Protecting Your Trees This Summer from Diseases and Insects

During the summer months, you want your yard to look as good as possible. While many people often think to have lawn care and landscaping projects taken care of, it is equally important to ensure that your trees are healthy and free of insects and disease. To make sure that your trees are in top condition all summer long, we ask that you follow these few simple steps.  

Give Your Tree an Inspection

In most cases, there are common signs that let you know your tree is experiencing an insect issue or that it is diseased. These include loose bark on the trunk, thinning and discoloration of leaves, unusual holes in leaves and more. Insect infestations or disease typically occur as the summer progresses and can become abundantly clear the later into summer we get, so it is suggested to take a look at your trees every week or so to make sure they are fully healthy.

Take Preventative Measures

If you are unsure of the health of your property’s tree(s) and want to take preventative measures, we suggest hiring a professional tree company to assist with tree pruning, fertilization and the application of insecticide and fungicide. Although you can handle these tasks on your own, professional tree care will ensure your trees are protected year-round and will potentially save you a large amount of money in the long run.

Choose the Right Product

Once you have made the decision to apply insecticide or fungicide to your property’s trees, it is important that you are choosing the right product. Make sure to read all words and directions on the product you choose and take into account the location you will be spraying, as you don’t want to contaminate any nearby flowers or plants. The best thing you can do in the situation of protecting your trees is to talk to a professional first. At Brother Tree Lawn, we can ensure your trees will stay safe from diseases and insects this summer.

At Brother Tree & Lawn Service, we take pride in providing your trees with protection against insects and diseases that can cause irreparable damage. To learn more about our tree services , as well as the additional landscaping services we provide, reach out to our friendly and experienced team at 203-375-7866

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