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How to Prevent Wind Damage to Young Trees

How to Prevent Wind Damage to Young Trees

Wind damage is a threat to young trees throughout the year. Strong winds and the heavy rain that often accompanies them can damage trees of any age from roots to branches, and inhibit young trees’ growth and long-term health. With this in mind, it’s important to know how to prevent wind damage to young trees on your property.

With the winter season approaching, winter storms can also be very extreme. It’s important to make sure your trees are protected against wind damage from storms.

Plant Smart

When planting new trees, choose a location that’s naturally protected from strong winds, such as behind your house or another structure. Consider the direction the wind usually blows in your yard—if it’s from east to west, it would be best to plant young trees in the western part of the yard.

Water Often

Dehydration weakens young trees and makes them more susceptible to wind damage. Water young trees often to prevent yellow leaves, weak branches and other negative health effects.

Prune as Needed

Pruning dead or weak branches will contribute to the structure and growth of young trees, making them less likely to suffer damage during the next strong storm.

Consider Staking

Staking young trees will help them quickly establish a strong root system. This in turn, will help the trees grow healthy trunks and branches as well. Staking provides the added support young trees need during powerful wind storms.

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The Benefits of Picking New Flowers Each Year for Your Garden

The Benefits of Picking New Flowers Each Year for Your Garden

Gardening in the spring and summer can be some of the most enjoyable times if you like taking the time to work on your yard. Picking different flowers each year can help you mix up your garden and the look of your property. It will diverse your flower pallet for the better. How to Choose… Continue Reading