2017 Could Be a Great Year for Fall Foliage in New England

2017 Could Be a Great Year for Fall Foliage in New England

Gypsy moths have, unfortunately, done quite a bit of damage to many trees in our area this year. But despite this damage, it still sounds like New England’s upcoming fall foliage season is going to be particularly colorful in 2017. According to the Hartford Courant, many forestry experts are predicting that it could be one of the strongest fall foliage seasons we’ve had in quite some time.

Fall foliage is expected to be particularly vibrant this year due to an unusually rainy spring and summer. All this moisture has had a positive impact on the trees in New England, and should lead to a very colorful fall. Forecasters expect the leaves in our area will begin to turn sometime in the third or fourth week of September, and peak in the middle of October. That could change if September is unseasonably warm and humid, but all indications are that the residents of New England will be able to enjoy some of the best fall foliage the season has to offer around Columbus Day.

The exact peak of the season will vary depending on which part of New England you’re in, so be sure to check local forecasts if you plan on traveling to see the leaves. For example, Maine’s fall foliage peak might hit far sooner than Connecticut’s peak, with some experts predicting it could come as soon as the end of September. But regardless of where you are in the region, this season’s display of autumnal colors should be downright stunning.

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