Tips to Make Your Lawn and Garden More Environmentally Friendly

Electric Lawnmower These days, everyone is looking for little ways to go green around the house. You can make your lawn and garden more environmentally friendly this year with these handy tips:

Leave Grass Cuttings

Instead of raking the lawn after you mow, you can save yourself some time and effort while protecting the environment by leaving grass cuttings where they are. They’ll decompose quickly, providing the soil with vital nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous. This way you won’t need to use chemical fertilizers in your lawn, which are not always so environmentally friendly.

Grow the Right Kind of Grass

While we’re on the subject of grass, make sure the grass species in your lawn is suitable for your climate to avoid wasting water. For example, Kentucky bluegrass needs extra water and extra care in dry, warm climates like California or Arizona. Do your research to determine what type of grass is best for your area.

Water Wisely

Avoid watering your lawn during the hottest part of the day (between noon and 5 p.m.) or in high winds to prevent excess evaporation. Also, try to water less frequently but more deeply. Water every three days instead of daily, and leave the sprinkler on for an extra 5–10 minutes each time you water. For bonus points, you can also use a rain barrel to capture rainwater for use in your lawn and garden.

Ditch Your Gas-Powered Lawnmower

A gas-powered lawnmower can generate as many atmospheric pollutants as 11 automobiles, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Riding lawnmowers, meanwhile, generate even more pollution. The good news is, electric lawnmower options have become far more capable and widely available in recent years. If your lawn is relatively small, you might even opt for a manual reel lawnmower.

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