Planting a Tree? Be Sure to Mulch out, Rather Than Up

Planting a Tree? Be Sure to Mulch out, Rather Than Up

When you spread mulch around the base of a freshly-planted tree, you might be tempted to pile it high around the trunk. Many people believe they are doing the right thing and protecting the tree by doing this. However, you can actually kill a tree by piling mulch high around the base of the trunk. So instead of taking that old approach, you should always mulch out rather than up and resist the urge to pile the mulch high.

It will lead to a happier, healthier tree.

When you pile mulch high around the bottom of a tree, you are encouraging fungus to grow, promoting rot and decay, and creating the perfect habitat for bugs and other pests. Additionally, a tall, volcano-shaped pile of mulch can make it difficult for a tree to get the water and nutrients that it needs to grow. This is why professional landscapers will tell you that you shouldn’t ever mulch up. It might look nice when you do it, but you will be doing a huge disservice to your tree.

By mulching out instead, you can help the tree immensely.

To begin with, a wide, low basin of mulch will keep lawnmowers and string trimmers far away from the tree trunk and its roots, since people will be less inclined to use this equipment near mulch. Mulching out also ensures that the tree and roots can get the water and nutrients they need to grow strong, especially if you use organic mulch that will break down and provide for the roots beneath the ground. You’ll also significantly reduce the likelihood that the tree will fall victim to rot and fungal damage.

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