How to Manage Heat Stress in Your Lawn

Lawn SprinklerBeach days, backyard barbecues, sipping lemonade by the pool—for you, summer is a stress-free time. For your lawn? Not so much. Heat, dry weather and constant foot traffic are all stress factors for your lawn. Here’s how to manage heat stress in your lawn this summer.

Water in the Morning

Watering your lawn when the temperature is coolest—usually between 6 and 10 a.m.—means that you’ll lose less moisture to evaporation. Watering during the hottest part is as good as throwing water away, and watering at night can promote fungal growth and disease.

Water Deeply, Not Frequently

Give your lawn about a third of an inch of water every other day during especially hot parts of the season. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating shallow roots that won’t hold up to the hot, dry weather.

Keep off the Grass

Foot traffic exacerbates heat stress by damaging dry grass and by compacting the soil, making it more difficult for air to get to the roots. Encourage everyone in your family to use walkways as much as possible.

Sharpen Your Mower Blades

Using a lawnmower with a dull blade shreds grass, causing it to lose more moisture than it would with a clean cut. What’s more, the shredded grass will turn brown as it dries—not a good look.

Think Ahead

If your lawn is prone to heat stress, consider overseeding in the fall with grass that can withstand drought and heat, such as Kentucky bluegrass.

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