How Can Snow Benefit Your Lawn and Garden?

How Can Snow Benefit Your Lawn and Garden?

In our area, it’s no secret that snow can cause some serious landscaping issues. If heavy snow sits on tree branches for too long, for example, it can cause them to snap under all the extra weight. The good news is, snow can also be good for your lawn and garden in some regards. Here are a few ways snow could ultimately end up benefiting your landscaping efforts.

It will prevent insect infestations.

Insects can present problems for those with lawns and gardens. In the winter and spring, damaging insects can infest the soil and reproduce at a rapid rate. Snow can slow this process significantly by making it more difficult for them to set up shop in your lawn and garden. By the time the insects become a problem, it will already be well into the spring and you will be more prepared to deal with them.

It will insulate the ground.

You might think that snow would make the ground colder, but it can actually help keep the ground warm by providing additional insulation. This, in turn, can prevent freezing temperatures and wind chills from damaging your lawn. Root systems will continue to grow when a layer of snow is insulating the ground, which might not be the case otherwise.

It will provide your lawn with water and fertilizer.

Even in wintertime, your lawn can still benefit from some additional moisture Snow will effectively water your lawn as it melts throughout the season. It can also help fertilize your lawn by trapping nitrogen from the air and transferring it to the soil. The nitrogen will prepare your lawn for the spring and result in thicker, healthier growth.

So don’t let the snow get you down this weekend. It could wind up benefiting your lawn and garden in the long run!

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