Get Your Yard Ready for Winter With These Helpful Tips

Get Your Yard Ready for Winter With These Helpful Tips

Many people don’t spend a whole lot of time preparing their lawns for the winter months. As a result, they have to work twice as hard in the spring to make their properties look presentable. You can avoid having to do this by taking care of your lawn this fall and getting it ready for the winter. Check out a few pre-winter lawn care tips below!

Continue Mowing

Your grass is probably going to continue to grow until the ground freezes. Rather than simply choosing an arbitrary date to stop mowing, you should monitor your lawn and continue to mow for as long as the grass grows. In some regions, this might mean mowing your lawn well into December.

Aerate Your Lawn

Throughout the spring and summer, the soil in your lawn can get very compacted. This can make it difficult for grass to get the nutrients that it needs to thrive. Aerating your lawn will open up the soil and allow it to get more air, water and nutrients. This, in turn, will relieve stress on grasses and make it easier for them to survive the winter.

Fertilize Your Lawn                                   

You might think that you only need to fertilize your lawn in the spring before it starts to grow, but you can also set the foundation for a healthy lawn by fertilizing in the fall before it goes dormant for the winter. Fall fertilization will help fortify your lawn’s roots and prepare it to deal with the harsh winter ahead.

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